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The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is a sporting event for young people aged from 15 to 18.
In addition to the sporting events, high level competition athletes will also have the opportunity to participate in a Culture and Education programme focusing on the following themes: Olympism and Olympic values, skills development, well-being and healthy lifestyle, social responsibility and expression through digital media.


Like the Olympic Games, the YOG are held biennially, alternating the Summer and Winter editions.
Rio 2016 will not be the first time that golf has been played at an Olympic event in the 21st century. The sport will feature at the next edition of the summer YOG in Nanjing between 16 and 28 August, 2014. Golf Competitions will take place from 19 to 26 August 2014.


To be eligible to participate in the YOG, athletes must be amateur golfers born between 01 January 1996 and 31 December 1998. The National Olympic Committee (NOC) qualifies one Girl and one Boy utilizing the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR), the highest ranked place of each country’s man and woman is added together. The countries with the lowest 26 totals enable their NOC to qualify. Five (5) Universality Places per gender are available for eligible NOCs and One (1) Host Country place is available for each gender.

Those NOCs and their selected athletes, who qualify for the Girls and Boys Individual Stroke Play events, qualify for the mixed gender team event.

For details on the 2014 Youth Olypmpic Games Qualification system, view this document: Nanjing 2014 – Qualification System – IGF (PDF)

To find out more about the Youth Olympic Games, view the Sport Explanatory Brochure or go on the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games website.

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