World Amateur Team Championship 2014

The 2014 World Amateur Team Championships will be held in Karuizawa, Japan, from 3 to 14 September.

Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture is one of the most popular summer resorts in Japan, at 1000 meter above sea level, and easily accessible from Tokyo.

Located approximately 150 km north east of Tokyo, it is easily accessible by JR Shuin-etsu Bullet train from Tokyo station to Karurizawa in Station in just over an hour, or a comfortable 2 hour drive by car on Kan-etsu Highway.

Karurizawa was first opened as a summer resort in 1879 by Englishman, A.C. Straw because the scenery and climate reminded him of his home in Scotland, and he built a villa in order to spend the summer months on the highland, and also winter in the snow.

The villa expanded rapidly into Karurizawa township adding hotels, restaurants shops, golf courses, skating ranks, tennis courts and other sports facilities to become a very famous all-year-round resort.

The Kurizawa Prince Hotel Resort and Karurizawa 72 Golf Complex combine to have six 18-hole golf courses and two 9- hole layouts. Included amongst these are the Oshitate Course and Iriyama Course which will be the venues for the Eisenhower Trophy and Espitio Santo trophy of the 2014 World Amateur Team Championships.



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