Antidoping landscape Rio 2016 Olympics Golf Course

IGF Official Documents

This section comprises the IGF constitution, policies and other governance documents

Governance and Integritydocuments
ConstitutionIGF Constitution
IGF complete Policies and CharterIGF Policies and Charters
IGF strategic Plan2017 – 2020 Plan
Role descriptionsIGF Women's Chair
IGF Administrative Committee Member

IGF Biennial meetingDOCUMENTS
2019-2020Digital report
Report 2019-2020
Agenda 2019-2020
Minutes 2019-2020
2017-2018Digital report
Report 2017-2018
Agenda 2017-2018
Minutes 2017-2018
2015-2016Report 2015-2016
Agenda 2015-2016
Minutes 2015-2016
2013-2014Report 2013-2014
Agenda 2013-2014
Minutes 2013-2014

Financial statements2019
SustainabilityIGF Sustainability Statement

Competition Rules and RegulationsDOCUMENTS
Tokyo 2020IGF Tokyo 2020 Olympic Golf Regulations - Ongoing revision
WATCWorld Amateur Team Championships (WATC) Bidding Rules
Disabled GolfIGF Classification Rules

Policy2020 IGF Anti-doping Policy
Therapeutic Use ExemptionsIGF TUE form
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