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IGF Strategic Business Plan

The 2017-2020 Strategic Business Plan presents in detail the key initiatives for each of the strategic imperatives and outlines the major deliverables / key performance indicators (KPI) to achieve these. Responsibility to deliver any given KPI is not exclusive to any one functional area but may cross over several IGF Functions.

The Plan also lists the key initiatives for each strategic imperative that each IGF Function will implement and the main business activities for the year ending 2019 that occurs on an on-going basis and does not represent significant new strategic initiatives

The IGF’s business plan reviews our achievements to date, describes our current priorities and outlines the activities we will deliver going forward.

We remain committed to six strategic imperatives which guide all of our work and are critical to achieve our vision:

  • Golf For All - Facilitate innovative educational and developmental programmes that provide pathways for athletes, coaches and officials from the grass roots to the elite levels of golf;
  • Great Games - Deliver a great Olympic event and a memorable experience for the athletes, fans and golfing fraternity cementing golf's place within the Olympic programme;
  • Pathways - Enable access and grow participation by reducing the barriers and increasing the opportunities to play golf at all levels;
  • Engage & Excite - Creatively engage and excite the world about golf and its values;
  • Sustainable & Responsible - Promote sustainable and environmentally responsible practices within the golfing industry;
  • Good Governance - Provide leadership in diversity and good governance practices.

Our Approach to Delivery

From the outset of the IGF’s operations in Lausanne, a delivery model of using a matrix structure was adopted that consists of a small core team in Switzerland and seven “Delivery Partners” (R&A, USGA, PGA TOUR, European Tour, PGA of America, LPGA, Masters Tournament) from our membership. We will continue to utilise and benefit from the expertise and resources of these Delivery Partners to fulfil our obligations as an International Federation and deliver the Strategic Business Plan.

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For each of the IGF Functions a Functional Strategic Planning Committee (FSPC) has been created with the lead of this group usually being fulfilled by a Delivery Partner staff member. The IGF Executive Director is an ex-officio member of each strategic committee and assigns an IGF Project Manager to provide secretariat and project management support and direction.

The remainder of the FSPC consists of staff from other Delivery Partners and where specific expertise may be required, by IGF advisors.

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The role of the FSPC is to ensure the achievement of the IGF's strategic outcomes through the delivery of its key initiatives/projects and the fulfilment of the on-going business activities outlined within the IGF Strategic Business Plan. The necessary resources required to do all of this is provided by the Delivery Partners represented.

Risk Management

IGF’s Risk Management process is facilitated through regular reporting and analysis through work with the IGF staff. Risks are identified at strategic and delivery level and consideration is given to risks which are internal to the organisation (concerning delivery of our programme, budget or resources) and external (such as market conditions, the current economic climate, etc.).

The key components of IGF’s Risk Management framework include:

  • Risk Management Policy - outlines the risk management culture of IGF and the commitment and expectations of the Board for the management of risk;
  • Risk Management Plan - designed to guide the implementation of the Risk Management Policy;
  • Risk Register - a risk reporting tool to centrally store all strategic and operational risk information; and
  • Risk Monitoring and Reviews - the on-going assessment of the effectiveness of risk treatment measures, and periodic reviews of the risk management framework, including an annual review as part of the strategic planning process.

IGF’s Focus Going Forward

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan – provides clarity on the key initiatives, deliverables and milestones we want to achieve going forward. Robust programme management will continue to hold us to account against this detailed delivery plan. We are also aware that we will again likely face many challenges: of importance, will be us continuing to underpin our delivery approach with a constant focus on achieving these within our budget; integrating our plans with delivery partners; and continuing to engage and excite the public and the Olympic movement to maintain high levels of support for golf’s continuation within the Olympic Games programme.

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