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Executive Office

The Executive Director leads the Executive Office. This supports the business on all strategic projects, manages our financial accounts, works on all legal matters and is responsible for recruitment, payroll, and business administration. Together with the Functional Leads and International Golf Federation staff, the Executive Director’s role is to work closely with all of golf’s stakeholders to provide effective management and leadership for international golf. The Executive Director reports to the IGF President.

Anti–Doping & Medical

The Anti-Doping and Medical function facilitates the activities of the IGF Medical Committee and the IGF Anti-Doping Committee. The IGF Medical Committee provides medical advice to the IGF and deals with all medical issues enabling or encouraging participation in Golf as a safe and healthy sport. The IGF Anti-Doping Committee advises the IGF on all matters relating to Anti-Doping and ensures that the IGF and events under its authority are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.

View the Anti-Doping Committee members & Charter (see chapter 3) and the Medical Committee members & Charter (see chapter 3).


The International Golf Federation recognises the importance of the rights and obligations of our athletes. The Athletes function acts as a consultative body and link between active athletes and ensures that their interests are protected.

View the Athletes' Committee members and the Charter (see chapter 3).


The Communication function is the face and voice of the IGF. Its role is to educate audiences about the sport of golf, highlight the development initiatives already underway and planned for the future, and shine the spotlight on the world of the Olympic Games and the aspirational and inspirational qualities it evokes, for players and fans of the game.

View the Communications Committee members


The Commercial function supports the Commercial Committee and is responsible for revenue-raising and new business activities for the International Golf Federation.

Coaching & Growth Committee

The role of the IGF’s Coaching & Growth Committee is the development of golf, from grassroots to the highest levels with the aim of inspiring future players and fans to play golf and increase participation in the sport.

View the Coaching & Growth Committee members and the Charter (see chapter 3).

Golfers with Disabilities Committee

The IGF Golfers with Disabilities Committee is an advisory body appointed by the Board that has been established to advise on all matters related to disabled golf. Key areas of responsibility include:

  • Promote and encourage participation and accessibility of disabled golf;
  • Encourage the international development of disabled golf;
  • Create a pathway across all disabled golf classifications for elite disabled golf competitions from club level through to the establishment of international events;
  • Support and encourage National Federations to actively affiliate existing disabled golf organisations and promote integration of disabled golfers into their membership;
  • Establishment and management of an international classification system for disabled golf;
  • Develop the bid for golf's inclusion as a sport on the 2024 Paralympic Games programme.

View the Golfers with Disabilities Committee members and the Charter (see chapter 3).

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games function (OGF) provides support to the Operations Committee. It works closely with each Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) to ensure that all elements of the golf venue and the field of play conform to IGF technical standards. OGF also oversees the overall service provision to IGF personnel and Technical Officials at the competition venues to enable them to conduct their Games time role, in support of the competition. At Games time, the IGF will oversee the running of the Olympic event in conjunction with the OCOG and provide the focal point for OCOG contact in relation to competition issues.

View the Olympic Games Competition Committee members and the Charter (see chapter 3).


The International Golf Federation is committed to sustainability. The Sustainability function is responsible for promoting practices in sustainable design and construction of golf courses. It also ensures in-bed sustainability within the operations of the organisation and that all activities and related events of the IGF provide positive examples of sustainability in practice.

World Amateur Team Championships (WATC)

The World Amateur Team Championships is held biennially and the role of this function is to ensure the successful delivery of this event working with the host national federation members of the IGF.

View the WATC Competition Committee members and the Charter (see chapter 3).

Youth Olympic Games & Multi-Sport Events

The Youth Olympic Games & Multi-Sport Events function provides and facilitates the appropriate technical advice and support to the organising committees of the Youth Olympic Games and multi-sport events.

View the Youth Olympic Games Competitions Committee Members and the Charter (see chapter 3).

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