Olympic Solidarity


Olympic Solidarity is dedicated to advancing the development of sports, and funding is allocated for developmental initiatives through the National Olympic Committees. National Federations affiliated with the IGF are eligible to seek financial assistance for various projects, encompassing athlete development, coach education, and the Development of a National Sports System.

Financial support is channelled through global initiatives, designed to address broader needs, and regional initiatives tailored to specific requirements within each continent.

National golf federations are encouraged to reach out to their National Olympic Committee to ascertain available funding and the application procedure for securing assistance. The International Golf Federation provides guidance in the application process, offering support while noting that it does not directly process applications or solicit funding on behalf of applicants. For more information on Olympic Solidarity Funding, you can contact us at info@igfmail.org.

Technical Course for Coaches

Olympic Scholarship for Coaches

Development of the National Sports System

IGF Technical Courses for Coaches

  • A video of the Technical Course for Coaches (level 2) delivered by the IGF through Olympic Solidarity in Tunisia in February 2019.
  • A Level 1 Technical Course for Coaches was delivered by the IGF through Olympic Solidarity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2021, and the National Federation requested support for additional courses.
  • A Level 2 course was held in Sarajevo in October and November 2022.
  • A Level 1 Technical Course for Coaches was recently delivered in Benin from 4 to 8 December 2023.