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Administrative Committee


Niall Farquharson, Joint Chair (The R&A)
Mike Whan, Joint Chair (United States Golf Association)
Claudia Garduño, IGF Women's Chair (Mexican Golf Federation)

Susan Andrew (Golf RSA)
Laurence Applebaum (Golf Canada)
John Bodenhamer (United States Golf Association)
Gonzaga Escauriaza (Royal Spanish Golf Federation)
Nobuko Hirayama (Japan Golf Association)
Caroline Huyskes (Netherlands Golf Federation)
Hyung-mo Kang (Korea Golf Association)
Miguel Leeson (Argentine Golf Association)
Charlie Maran (The R&A)
Haukur Örn Birgisson (Golf Union of Iceland)
Antony Scanlon (Secretary) (International Golf Federation)
Desirée Soulodre Pizarro (Chile Golf Federation)
James Sutherland (Golf Australia)
Sidney Wolf (Puerto Rico Golf Association)
Zhang Xiaoning (China Golf Association)
Brijinder Singh (Indian Golf Union)

Robert Fiala (Emirates Golf Federation) - (Advisory)
Joshua Ho (Singapore Golf Association) - (Advisory)

View the roles and responsibilities of the Administrative Committee members and the Women’s Chair.

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