Bid Phases

Bid Phases

Phase 1

Interested National Federation Members (NFMs) will be asked to fill in the “ and return specific documents and specific guarantees to the IGF. Through these applications, they will demonstrate that they have the required elements for staging the World Amateur Team Championships. Please note that the official language is English. All candidature documentation must be provided in English.

Countries who have returned acceptable applications will be visited by IGF staff where further information will be collected and sites evaluated.

The fact that a country has submitted a bid should not be publicized during the application process. The IGF staff will provide guidance on the timeline of such activities once all the bids have been received and the application deadline has passed. Lobbying that occurs too early in the process can be detrimental to the overall fairness of the bidding procedure.

Phase 2

If a site will be placed on the deciding ballot, a report will be written by the IGF Secretariat for the IGF Membership, in order to assist them in making their selection. These reports shall be impartial and will not attempt to direct the Membership’s vote. However, they will contain the necessary objective content to allow for an informed decision. These reports will be provided to the Membership ahead of the vote.

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