Competition Information

Competition Information




72 holes of individual stroke play for both men and women (four rounds scheduled over four consecutive days). Scores are cumulative from round to round. The athlete with the lowest aggregate score wins. In the event of a tie for first, second or third place, a play-off or multiple play-offs shall be conducted for the purpose of determining the gold, silver and bronze medal winners.

For all rounds, the intention is to play in groups of three off the first tee. For rounds 1 and 2, groupings will be published no later than two (2) days before the start of the first event. For rounds 3 and 4, groupings will be done according to cumulative score at the end of the previous round, with the leaders teeing off last.

Rule 40

Bye-law 3 to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter (commonly referred to in this context as “Rule 40”) states that: “Except as permitted by the IOC Executive Board, no competitor, coach, trainer or official who participates in the Olympic Games may allow his person, name, picture or sports performances to be used for advertising purposes during the Olympic Games.

Please refer to the links below for further information:

Rule 50

 Anti-Doping & Medical



In preparation for the Anti-Doping programme to be put in place for the Rio2016 Olympic Games, the IGF, with the support of WADA, hosted a dedicated training session to assist potential golf athletes and their representatives in understanding the practical process for the submission of athlete “whereabouts” within ADAMS. The session was hosted online as a webinar on Tuesday 9 February 2016 and the related recording, videos and supporting material may be found below.

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

If you have an illness or condition that requires a medication containing a substance that is on the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may be granted that enables you to take the medication without committing a Doping Offence.

IGF Registered Testing Pools


Additional Information

More information about the Olympic Golf competition can be found in the following documents:

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