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The importance of anti-doping education

The IGF recognises that education contributes to a long-term solution to prevent doping through effective values-based educational programs. A number of resources are available online to ensure athletes and their entourage are aware of the anti-doping rules and procedures as well as to foster a doping-free culture in our sport.

General anti-doping documentation on the IGF's anti-doping program can be found here. Documentation specific to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games can be found here.

Outreach programs are set up around IGF events to educate the athletes and their entourage on the dangers and consequences of doping. The IGF creates a specific anti-doping handbook for each of its events and encourages athletes to take the Anti-Doping Pledge: “I am an athlete who has the right to participate in clean sport. I will embrace the spirit of sport, respect my competitors, my sport and all those involved in my sporting endeavours. I will Play True and Say No! To Doping.

Online resources for athletes, coaches and sport physicians

ADEL – eLearning Tool for Athletes
The anti-doping e-learning platform (ADeL) is an online tool developed by WADA that offers courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators and anyone interested in learning more about anti-doping and protecting the values of clean sport.

Play True Quiz
The Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game developed by WADA that tests athletes' and their entourage’s knowledge in anti-doping. It is an integral element of anti-doping outreach programs and has been showcased at major events including the Olympic Games.

Play True - Youth version
The Youth Quiz is an interactive tool developed by WADA to target a younger audience by providing them core anti-doping information that better suits their level. It has been featured at the Youth Olympic Games.

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