Golf for the disabled

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🚨Golfers with Disabilities Questionnaire🚨

 We are looking for golfers with disabilities who are 16 years of age or older to complete a questionnaire that focuses on the effect that golf can have on quality of life and life satisfaction. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

By choosing to complete this questionnaire, participants will be entered into a prize draw with opportunities to win an Amazon voucher worth £30 or equivalent dependent on currency.

Click to access the questionnaire https://abertay.co/NWU0

The IGF is recognised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), as the International Federation for golf. The IGF is committed to the development of Para golf and golf for the disabled. The IGF encourages golf stakeholders to be inclusive and to promote golf for the disabled at every level. 

Golf is a sport for everyone and can be played irrespective of age, gender, physical condition, or disability. Players use their own ball, free from the control of others, where the ball is stationary to allow less mobile and impaired players the opportunity to prepare for each shot.

The World Golf Handicap System, variable tee markers and different scoring formats facilitate the opportunity for all golfers, regardless of ability, to play together.

Golfers assessed as disabled by their respective governments can participate in golf for the disabled.  These players can enjoy golf fully; however, to compete in some international golf for the disabled (G4D) tournaments and score ranking points, players must meet the minimum impairment criteria as defined by the IPC Classification Code.

Golf and Health

Golf has long been associated with health-enhancing benefits for the general population.  These include, amongst other things, the physical benefits of increased life expectancy and improved cardiovascular profile as well as improved mental wellbeing.

The following testimony reveals how golf can facilitate enjoyment within a group activity:

“Golf, physically, has been good for me, as well as the fresh air, with some nice company who share your values.  On the whole, most of the golfers I’ve ever met have the same principles and are kindred spirits.  Golf is a game that is so good for your soul.  During my illnesses, the girls were so supportive. I thought I would get better at the sport, but never have!  I’m now off a 32 handicap, but I’m just delighted to be enjoying and playing golf. I love it.”

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