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A Global Game

Golf for the disabled is growing.  More and more national federations are providing increased playing opportunities for golfers with disabilities, as well as undertaking golf development actions such as disability-specific training for coaches and clubs.  Several federations have stand-alone disability action plans or specific sections within their overall strategic plan.

A worldwide ranking

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The World Ranking for Golfers with Disability (WR4DG) is administered by the World Amateur Golf Ranking®. It is designed to assist in the growth of participation and competition worldwide and promote inclusivity within the sport. Since 1 January 2019, the WR4GD has three rankings, Gross, Net and Stableford. All are gender neutral and open to amateurs and professionals.

Players from all continents are ranked in the WR4GD.

A meaningful calendar

From its infancy in 2014 until today, the number of WR4GD ranked tournaments has grown by more than 1000%. More than 60 WR4GD ranked tournaments will be held around the world in 2022.

Event calendar since 2018

The international event calendar from January 2018 until June 2022 documents all of the competitions.

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Past Events Highlights

It is said that if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.  Increasingly, G4D showcases through magazines, newspapers, radio and TV.  Major TV, sports channels, and platforms recognise the value in highlighting the skills and stories of GwD, as they distribute engaging content across their global platforms, such as the programmes below:

IGF Golfers with Disabilities Committee

The IGF Golfers with Disabilities Committee is an advisory body appointed by the Board, to advise on all matters related to golfers with disability (GwD). Key areas of responsibility include:

  • Promote and encourage participation and accessibility of golf for GwD.
  • Encourage the international development of golfers with disability.
  • Create a pathway for all GwD to sample, take part and compete from club level through to global events.
  • Support and encourage National Federations to actively affiliate existing disabled golf organisations and promote the inclusion of golfers with disability into their membership.
  • Establish and manage an international eligibility/classification system for golfers with disability.
  • Develop the bid for golf's inclusion as a sport on the 2028 Paralympic Games programme.

View the IGF Golfers with Disabilities Committee members.

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