Caroline Mohr (Sweden)


WR4GD Player Pass

Golfers with disabilities can apply for a pass, which can be used to entry into official G4D tournaments, cart usage, use the ‘Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities’ and earning ranking points on WR4GD. The Central Eligibility Team grants these passes, and acknowledges the golfer has a government-recognised disability. Apply now to learn more.

Rules of Golf

To facilitate the inclusion of all players with disabilities, The R&A and USGA created the Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities (MRGPD).  The purpose was to create a way for players with different impairments and non-disabled players to play equitably.  As with the general rules, the MRGPD is constantly monitored, reviewed and updated on a quadrennial basis.  The MRGPD is subdivided into five groups, which respect the needs of players with various impairments.

Equipment Permitted for Medical Reasons

In cases where modified equipment or an artificial device, such as a brace or gripping aid, will allow individuals with an impairment to play equitably in a particular competition, the player may approach the Committee in charge of the competition for permission to use the device under the Exception to Rule 4.3b.

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