Caroline Mohr (Sweden)

Inclusive Initiatives

Golf is continuing to provide more ways and opportunities for golfers with impairments generally, and for GwD specifically, to participate in the sport, and is supporting initiatives which actively bring individuals of all ages and abilities together in both recreational and competitive environments.

The IGF and its membership are developing and promoting initiatives which raise awareness of golf as an accessible and inclusive sport and supporting programmes targeted at individuals and groups with impairments to increase participation. Golf is a game that does not discriminate by age, gender, ability, ethnicity and can be played socially or competitively through a variety of fundamental movement skills in swinging a club and moving around a golf course.

The game of golf demonstrates its inclusive design through the ability for all golfers to share the following:

Stefan Mørkholt, Denmark
Stefan Mørkholt, Denmark

  • One set of rules accepted and administered globally, with a modification to the rules of golf to assist players with a disability in situations where perhaps they may be disadvantaged due to their impairment.
  • Universally designed spaces, golf courses with differing tee positions to suit differing ability, 18 holes or shorter formats such as nine holes.
  • Course access, where both GwD and non-disabled golfers can share tee times and the course, making it possible for all golfers to play together.
  • GwD belong to a club shared by non-disabled golfers where every participant shares the same rights to be involved at all levels, Boards and sub-committees.

The vast majority of golf facilities are currently fit for purpose for players with impairments or disabilities, and minimal retrofitting or remodelling work is required. However, greater awareness and understanding of the core value of universal accessibility at all golf venues and facilities will be attained through the development of Accessibility and Inclusion Design Standards for Golf Venues and Facilities that will be distributed to, and promoted across, our membership for adoption.

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