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Integrity & Anti-doping

What is Sport Integrity?

The work of the IGF is guided by its Vision, Mission and all of our operations are conducted in line with our Values of Integrity, Solidarity, Respect and Excellence:

We are truthful and honest in all our dealings.
We are united in our philosophy, objectives and approach.
We are respectful of diverse opinions and value our stakeholders equally.
We deliver our services and activities at the highest possible standards.

As part of its Mission, the IGF commits to:
Safeguard the integrity of golf and protect athletes from doping and the manipulation of competitions and ensure their health, safety and well being.

Integrity is a core value of the game of golf. It is fundamental for the IGF to preserve the integrity of the sport and competitions, provide fair, safe and inclusive sporting environments and protect the rights of athletes.

The IGF is calling on its national and professional members, athletes, coaches, support personnel, administrators and/or relevant participants or stakeholders to be united and work together to protect our sport from the various integrity threats.

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REPORT DOPING: Every piece of information is important in the fight for clean sport. The ITA REVEAL PLATFORM enables you to report what you may have seen, heard or experienced in a completely anonymous and secure manner. All information is treated in a confidential and sensible manner.

The IGF Whistleblowing Channel can be used to report suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation, harassement and abuse, infringements of the IGF Code of Ethics or other matters including financial misconduct or other legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which the IGF has jurisdiction.

This section will help you understand obligations in relation to anti-doping, result fixing, corruption and other ethical and integrity issues. Games-specific anti-doping information can be found under the respective IGF webpage for that Olympic Games edition.

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