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Manipulation of Competitions

The integrity of sport depends on the outcome of sporting events and competitions being based entirely on the competing merits of the participants involved. Any form of corruption that might undermine public confidence in the integrity of a sporting contest is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport and must be eradicated at all costs.

The IGF is committed to the integrity of sport and the fight against the manipulation of competitions by adhering to the standards set out in the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions and by requiring its members to do likewise.


A series of integrity tools and documents have been developed to assist national and professional members, athletes, coaches, support personnel, administrators and/or relevant participants or stakeholders to comply with the IGF Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions. They are available below for free download.


Material for training and education

IOC campaign "Make the Right Decision"
Three short animation videos to explain the three main rules to prevent competition manipulation:


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