The Multi-Sport Events function provides and facilitates the appropriate technical advice and support to the organising committees of the various multi-sport events with golf on the programme.

University Golf

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Commonwealth Games


FISU World University Championship Golf

The 2024 FISU World University Championship Golf will be played from 27 – 30 August 2024 in Kuortane-Seinäjoki, Finland.

Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) was founded in 1949, with the aim to offer opportunity and inspiration to students around the world to play sport. FISU organises world-class sports and educational events to provide university students with opportunities to connect and exchange with other students from around the world in a collaborative and competitive environment. The first World University Golf Championship took place in Cagliari, Italy in 1984.

Additional information is available on the golf page of the FISU website.


FISU Golf Championships

Masters Games

The 2025 World Masters Games will be played from 17 – 30 May 2025 in Taipei and New Taipei city.

The World Masters Games is the world’s largest mass-participated international sports event. It takes place every four years, attracting tens of thousands of athletes. Governed by the International Masters Games Association (IMGA), the World Masters Games is open to sports people of all abilities and most ages with the minimum age criterion ranging between 25 and 35 years depending on the sport. In addition to the World Masters Games, IMGA also organises the European Masters Games, Pan American Masters Games and Asia-Pacific Masters Games.

Golf made its first appearance in the World Masters Games in Portland, USA in 1998.

The 2024 Pan – American Masters Games will be held from 12 – 21 July 2024 in Cleveland, USA with golf being played from 15 – 19 July 2024.

World Masters Games

2025 World Masters Games

2024 Pan American Masters Games

Asian Games

The 2026 Asian Summer Games will be held in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan from 19 September to 4 October 2026. The golf competitions will be held at the Aichi Country Club Higashiyama Course.

The Asian Games is a continental multi-sport event, held every four years amongst athletes from the 45 member nations of Asia. The Games are organised by the Olympic Council Of Asia (OCA).

Golf was played at the Asian Games for the first time in 1982 in New Delhi, India.

Doha, Qatar will host the 2030 Asian Summer Games , with the golf competitions to be played at the Qatar Foundation Golf Course. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will host the 2034 Asian Summer Games , with the Nofa Golf Resort hosting the golf events.

2026 Asian Summer Games

2030 Asian Summer Games

2034 Asian Summer Games

Pan American Games

The 2027 Pan American Games will be held in Barranquilla, Colombia from 2 – 18 July 2027.

The Pan American Games is a continental multi-sport event, held every four years amongst athletes from the 41 member nations of the Americas. The Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO) is the governing body of the Pan American Games movement.

Golf was played at the Pan American Games for the first time in 2015.

Pan American Sports Organization (PASO)

Commonwealth Games

Golf was set to make its Commonwealth Games debut at the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games in Australia in March 2026. In July 2023 the Victorian withdrew from hosting the Games and the Commonwealth Games Federation is currently exploring opportunities for a new host.

The Commonwealth Games are an international multi-sport event, held every four years, amongst athletes from 72 Commonwealth nations and territories. Often referred to as the 'Friendly Games', the Games were first held in 1930. The event is renowned for inspiring athletes to compete in the spirit of friendship and fair play.