IGF President Annika Sorenstam: ‘Anticipation could not be higher’ as Olympic golf marks 100 days out

It is hard to believe that today marks 100 days from the Olympic golf competition beginning in Paris. As the Olympic Golf Ranking continues to take form for the women and men, it has been exciting to see those emerging players who have put themselves in position to represent their country on the grandest sporting stage in the world.

Golf in the Olympics is still a new tradition since its return in 2016, but with each playing, the best in the world have recognised the incredible honor and privilege that comes with being an Olympian. As a result, the anticipation could not be higher for the various golf federations that will see their top players wear their nation’s colors with pride in Paris.

Speaking of the best in the world, what more is there to say about the recent performances from reigning gold medal winner Nelly Korda and Masters champion Scottie Scheffler? Both have displayed a level of dominance their Tours haven’t seen in quite some time, and it only heightens the excitement to watch these two top-ranked players perform at Le Golf National with a medal on the line.

And while the likes of Korda and Scheffler will surely find the spotlight, I look forward to supporting the players from those countries where golf has room to grow. The Olympics has incredible power to inspire the next generation of athletes, and golf’s inclusion creates immense opportunity to bring the game to households that may otherwise never be exposed to these players and their amazing stories.

So as golf in the Olympics continues to take root, we continue to recognize and celebrate not only the incredible experience that awaits these 60 men and women, but the lasting influence they can have on those watching from around the world.

See you in Paris,