Le Golf National, Paris (18th)

Qualification System and Ranking

Qualification System

The Olympic field is restricted to 60 players for each of the men’s and women’s competitions. The IGF will utilise the official world golf rankings to create the Olympic Golf Rankings as a method of determining eligibility. The top-15 world-ranked players will be eligible for the Olympics, with a limit of four players from a given country. Beyond the top 15, players will be eligible based on the world rankings, with a maximum of two eligible players from each country that does not already have two or more players among the top-15.

The full Qualification System for the 2024 Olympic Games and related timelines may be found here.

Olympic Golf Ranking

The Olympic Golf Ranking (OGR) is calculated every Monday following completion of the previous week’s tournaments from around the world and will be updated on the IGF website every Tuesday.

Please find the Men's OGR and the Women's OGR as of 26 February 2024.

Reallocation Reserve Lists, based on a continuation of the OGR and calculated using the exact same criteria, are also produced and updated on the IGF website every Tuesday. These lists clearly outline the next highest ranked athletes by name.

Please find the Men's Reallocation Reserve List and the Women's Reallocation Reserve List as of 26 February 2024.

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