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IGF Anti-Doping Programme – Paris 2024 Olympic Games

As a condition of participation of golf athletes in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the potential Olympic golf athletes are part of the IGF Olympic anti-doping programme.

To ensure a clean and level field of play for the Olympic golf competitions, the athletes will come under the IGF’s testing authority for the purpose of the programme as of 26 April 2024 and the IGF aims to test all athletes who will compete in Paris during the 13-week period prior to the Games. These tests may be in- or out-of-competition, urine or blood.

The IGF is closely collaborating with the Professional Tours and the International Testing Agency (ITA) to implement this programme effectively and trusts that it will also have an excellent collaboration with the National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) worldwide.

IGF Anti-Doping Handbook

The IGF Anti-Doping Handbook Olympic Games Paris 2024 for Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel has been designed by the International Testing Agency (ITA), in collaboration with the International Golf Federation (IGF), to prepare athletes and athlete support personnel (ASP) to compete clean at the Olympic Games Paris 2024. 

The IGF Anti-Doping Handbook Olympic Games Paris 2024 for Athletes and Athlete Support Personne can be found here.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) - Olympic Games Paris 2024

How to apply to the ITA for a TUE?

IGF encourages to submit TUE applications via ADAMS, together with the required medical information. If you do not have an ADAMS account yet, please contact to have it set up.

Otherwise, please download the TUE Application Form (found here, and once duly completed and signed, send it together with the required medical file to

For more information please refer to IGF website or to ITA website

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