Qualification System

The Olympic field is restricted to 60 players for each of the men’s and women’s competitions. The IGF will utilise the official world golf rankings to create the Olympic Golf Rankings as a method of determining eligibility. The top-15 world-ranked players will be eligible for the Olympics, with a limit of four players from a given country. Beyond the top 15, players will be eligible based on the world rankings, with a maximum of two eligible players from each country that does not already have two or more players among the top-15.

The full Qualification System for the 2024 Olympic Games and related timelines may be found here.

IGF Olympic Golf Regulations

The IGF Olympic Golf Regulations (version 1) provide the official rules and regulations for the Olympic Golf Competition. They include both field of play policies and procedures as well as Olympic-specific regulations.

Guidelines regarding authorised identifications (Rule 50)

As stated in the Olympic Charter, the NOCs have the sole and exclusive authority to prescribe and determine the clothing and uniforms to be worn, and the equipment to be used, by the members of their delegations on the occasion of the Olympic Games and in connection with all sports competitions and ceremonies related thereto. This exclusive authority does not extend to specialised equipment used by the athletes for their delegations during the actual sports competitions.

Clothing and shoes worn by athletes shall be consistent with currently accepted golf fashion. A policy on Athlete Uniform Guidelines may be found within the IGF Regulations. Clothing shall be in conformance with the Olympic Charter in particular in accordance with the golf-specific application of the Guidelines regarding Authorised Identifications (Olympic Charter, Rule 50).

Caddies shall wear bibs with athlete name badges as prescribed by Paris 2024 and the IGF and clothing as provided by the NOC of the caddie’s athlete.

Please refer to the Identifications on NOC Team Apparel Practical Guidelines to obtain the general principles of Authorised Identifications on NOC uniforms at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and especially the golf-specific application of the Guidelines with visual illustrations.

The Rule 50 General Guidelines for Paris 2024 are the overarching principles that complement the golf-specific guidelines and the Identification on NOC Team Apparel Practical Guidelines.

Rule 40

The Key Principles on the application of bye-law 3 to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter are outlined in Commercial Opportunities for participants during the Olympic Games Paris 2024 (Key Principles for the use of participants' images for advertising). Illustrative guidance for advertising campaigns by Non-Olympic Partners can be found in Illustrative Guidance for Non-Olympic Partners - Commercial Opportunities for Participants which supplements, and should be read in conjunction with the above "Key Principles". Additional answers pertaining to the Commercial Opportunities for Participants at the Olympic Games, Paris 2024 can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions Commercial Opportunities for Participants at the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Athlete Expression

Athletes participating in the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will have the freedom to express themselves at any time except for five specific moments. These moments include the opening and closing ceremonies, medal ceremonies, during competitions, and while staying at the Olympic Village. These conditions are outlined in the Guidelines on Athlete Expression.


Any athlete in an "International Golf Competition" (see IGF Nationality Policy) must be a national of the country which the Athlete is representing or under which the Athlete is eligible for the competition. The IGF publishes this Policy as it pertains to matters relating to the determination of the country which an Athlete may represent in an International Golf Competition. Please refer to the Policy for more details.

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