Professional World Golf Ranking (Women)

Professional World Golf Ranking (Women)


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The Rolex Ranking is the first ever comprehensive world ranking system for women’s golf and is sanctioned by the five major women’s professional golf Tours: Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), Ladies European Tour (LET), Ladies Professional Golfers ‘Association of Japan (JLPGA), Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) and the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG), as well as the Ladies ‘Golf Union (LGU), which administers the RICOH Women’s British Open.

The Rolex Ranking share the established men’s world ranking philosophy of awarding points based on the field and evaluate a player’s performance over a rolling two-year period weighted in favour of the current year with even more importance places on the most recent 13 weeks.

The official Rolex Rankings is issued every Monday, following the completion of the previous week’s tournaments around the world.

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Women's World Golf Rankings

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