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Sustainability Solutions

Water Management

The IGF actively supports the development and promotion of practical industry solutions. Here you will find information on leading sustainability tools for the industry.

USGA Water Resource Center

It is a collection of case studies and tools for facilities, communities and golfers. Resources include water management tools, research on water use and data collection information. The Water Resource Center is provided and managed by the USGA.

Golf Environment Organization (GEO)


Sustainable Golf

Sustainability Solutions Platform

OnCourse® is a comprehensive, international sustainability solutions and technology platform for golf. Providing knowledge dissemination and sharing; data recording and analysis; reporting and planning functions, OnCourse® can be fully customized by any National Federation Member for promotion of grass roots facilities. OnCourse® is also open for use by any individual facility that is seeking to advance its work to enhance nature, conserve resources and further support the community.
OnCourse® is developed and managed by GEO in close partnership with The R&A and a number of other international golf bodies.

Industry Standards and 3rd Party Certification System

GEO Certified® is a sustainability standard and certification system, fully custom built for golf, spanning facility management, facility development and tournaments. Any club, development or tournament in the world can go through the process to become GEO Certified® and thereby establish themselves as a sustainability leader in golf and in their community.

As the only sports based standard and certification system to be a member of ISEAL Alliance, the membership body for credible sustainability standards, GEO Certified® follows the same codes of good practice as other credible and coveted sustainability standards such as Fairtrade, MSC, FSC and the Rainforest Alliance. GEO Certified® is assessed by an independent third party and fully publicly reported.

Golf’s standards and certification system is managed on behalf of the sport by GEO.

Climate Fund

In 2016 golf established it’s own dedicated Climate Fund in partnership with The Gold Standard, to enable tournaments, players, events and facilities to undertake credible and accredited carbon mitigation – and thereby achieve carbon neutrality. Golf’s Climate Fund is managed by GEO.

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