World Amateur Team Championships


2025 Singapore

2027 Morocco

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What are the World Amateur Team Championships?

Conducted by the International Golf Federation (formerly the World Amateur Golf Council), which comprises the national governing bodies of golf in 149 countries, the World Amateur Team Championships are a biennial international amateur golf competition.


Each team has two or three players and plays 18-holes of stroke play for four days. In each round, the total of the two lowest scores from each team constitutes the team score for the round. The four-day (72-hole) total is the team's score for the championship.


The winning team in the women's competition receives custody of the Espirito Santo Trophy for the ensuing two years. The winning team in the men's competition receives custody of the Eisenhower Trophy for the ensuing two years. Members of the winning teams receive gold medals, members of the second-place teams receive silver medals and members of the third-place teams receive bronze medals. The lowest individual score in each Championship is recognised at the respective closing ceremony, but no prize is awarded.

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2025 Singapore

2027 Morocco